Fonts Free Proportional Fonts

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This lists some free high quality proportional fonts.

See Also: Fonts Classics for free fonts similar to the classic fonts.

See Also: Fonts Free Monospace Fonts.

NB​: you might be interested in this list of 35 free fonts.

Caution: there is no guarantee that the sources cited below offer the most recent versions of the fonts.

The free fonts listed here are organized in three groups:

Superfamily Fonts 

These free superfamily fonts come in a good variety of font weights, widths, and styles.

The most flexible & legible superfamily fonts I have found are:

Other superfamily fonts are:

Rich Fonts 

These free fonts come in a good variety of font weights, but not in a good variety of widths and styles:

Notable Fonts 

These free fonts are notable in some way, but do not come in a rich variety of weights, widths, or styles:


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