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JavaScript is a programming language built into web brow­sers. Some people disable it in the belief that this will im­prove Internet security. Indeed, browser makers may advise people to disable JavaScript when a new se­cu­ri­ty problem is found and the browser maker hasn’t yet fixed the problem, and some people don’t reënable JavaScript when the brow­ser is fixed.

Right now JavaScript is disabled.

Some sites need JavaScript to work properly. You may have come here because you have been told that it’s disabled.

NB​: it’s possible that JavaScript is enabled in your brow­ser, but that something else is preventing JavaScript from working as it should. See the sidebars for more about this.

The procedure for enabling or disabling JavaScript depends very much on the browser and the version of the browser.

Many browsers do not allow JavaScript to be enabled or disabled. If you find that it’s disabled, and can find no way to configure the browser to reënable it, you should check to see whether an add-on is responsible, and then find out how to configure the add-on to enable or disable JavaScript.


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