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For contact information, see the Contact Me page.

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These websites don’t use HTTP cookies.

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These websites don’t collect personal information about users.

These websites’ servers keep log files holding data such as IP addresses, browser types / versions, ISPs, referring / exit pages, plat­form types, and date / time stamps. Log analysis software analyzes these data to produce statistical reports used to tune the website and to report browser stats. These data are not used for any other purpose.

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Not applicable - no personal information is kept.


I am an affiliate or associate of vendors such as Amazon: they handle orders, shipping, and billing of products sold on my virtual store; if you have a concern with an order you must contact them, not me. Also, I am not responsible for examining or evaluating — and I don’t warrant the offerings of — these vendors or their websites; nor do I assume any responsibility or liability for their ac­tions, products, or content. You should carefully review their privacy policies and other terms of use. Caveat emptor.

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