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Synopsis: this page displays samples of ampersands in the fonts listed in the Fonts Metrics page; the purpose is to identify fonts which could be used for fancy ampersands. This page was adapted from the Fonts True Weights page and therefore is very, very slow, and displays the samples in all distinct font weights which can be verified.

A variety of unicode ampersands are generated, namely .

NB​: the correct fonts will not appear when the operating system performs font substitution; for example, Helvetica and Times will not appear in Windows because Windows substitutes Arial for Helvetica and Times New Roman for Times.

NB​: characters in tiny sizes will not appear in the proper sizes if the browser has been configured to set a minimum font size.

Very, very slow page NB​: the font samples may appear very slowly, because much JavaScript must be executed, and many embedded fonts must be downloaded; Chrome-based browsers were particularily slow when this was written, in August 2018.

Subsections include:

NB​: unlike most Browser News pages, this page is starkly plain, with minimal styling, partly to illustrate the points more clearly, but mainly to make it easier to compare browsers: viewing this page with several browsers and/or configurations at the same time makes the browsers’ basic differences clearer.

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Fonts Listed 

Samples are displayed of these generic, proposed generic, installed, and embedded fonts:


Sizes of samples are 4em, 2em, 1.5em, 1.2em, 1.00em, 0.89em, 0.75em, and 0.60em, which are 4em plus the recommended xx-large, x-large, large, medium, small, x-small, and xx-small sizes in the proposed CSS 4 standard. In each case, the samples appear in black regular faces and grey italic.