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Portfolio : Amateur Sports Sites

My portfolio includes amateur sports sites. I do sites for individual teams, as well as sites for clubs, creating unique designs. So far I’ve made 37 team sites and 2 club sites.

I also do other sites for businesses, individuals, and non-commercial groups: for details, see Portfolio: Designs.

Note : I am not affiliated with any of the sports organizations I make sites for.

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Team Sites

A standard team site costs $400 for the season. A budget team site, which lacks most photos and a few other features, costs $300 for the year. See below — Standard and Budget Team Sites — for details about the different types of team sites.

I now have reusable designs for Georgetown Eagles, Mississauga Majors, Mississauga North, Mississauga Southwest baseball teams, plus Barrie Colts, Mississauga North Stars, Mississauga Terriers, and Toronto Titans hockey teams. Most teams prefer a site residing on my domain because this is cheaper: a new domain would mean a higher cost, for the domain name and site host.

The above costs assume that the site resides on my domain, Costs will vary if your team has special needs.

I put all the information on the site myself: you just have to send me any information I can’t find myself.

My team sites normally offer:

  • Information about the team: news, the roster, sponsors information, a small photo gallery, and contact information. Whatever should not be read by the general public is on password protected pages. Note: modern team sites are mobile friendly, and include one page which is optimized for mobile devices.
  • Information for those who have primitive or tiny mobile devices: news and coach contact information.
  • Information about the schedule: a calendar, the list of games, a list of tournaments, and tournament details.
  • Information of a more general nature, e.g. maps or links to maps.
  • Your site is kept on-line indefinitely so that, in later years, people can review your team and its accomplishments.

Starting in 2010 my team sites offer:

  • Compatibility with browsers for mobile devices, e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Opera Mini, and Safari.

A fairly typical team site is the team site for the Mississauga Majors’ 2009 Major Bantam AAA baseball team: other team sites offer similar pages, though sites for different clubs will look very different, as you can see if you visit sites listed in the above sidebar titled My Sports Sites.

Contact me, give me the details, and I will offer a quote: unless your needs are far from the norm, the costs will be as mentioned above.

Standard and Budget Team Sites

The following chart shows what features are offered by the two types of team sites:

NEWS News items Included Included
Upcoming events Included Included
Buttons going to common external sites Included Not Included
TEAM Team Photo (moves to news page at end of season) Included Included
About Us (moved to news page in some cases) Included Included
List of Coaches Included Included
Photos of Coaches Included Not Included
List of Players Included Included
Message from the Coach (optional) Included Included
SPONSORS List of Sponsors Included Included
Sponsors’ Logos Included Not Included
Message for Sponsors (removed at end of season) Included Included
Sponsorship Forms and Letters (removed at end of season) Included Included
PHOTOS Selected Action Shots (e.g. taken at tournaments) Included Not Included
CONTACTS Names and Phone Numbers of Coaches Included Included
Photos of Coaches Included Not Included
(password protected)
Contact Information for Coaches Included Included
Photos of Coaches Included Not Included
Names of Players and Parents, and Contact Information for Parents Included Included
Photos of Players Included Not Included
CALENDAR Calendar of Events Included Included
GAMES Barcharts Summarizing Season Record Included Included
List of Games and Results Included Included
TOURNAMENTS List of Tournaments, With Results and Links to Tournament Pages Included Included
WHAT’S UP Compendium of Various Pieces of Information Included Included

Club Sites

The costs of club sites vary a lot, because each club has its own special needs. There is typically a one-time cost for creating the site, an annual cost for maintaining the site, and — rarely — surcharges if the club wants something new added which requires much extra work.

Contact me: let’s discuss what you need, and I will submit a quote once I understand your needs.

Unique Designs

When I first create a team site for a club, I create a unique design. If I create another team site for the same club, I reuse the design and often improve the features or design in the next sports season.

When I create a complete club site, I create a unique design for the club, though again I often improve enhance the features and design from year to year.

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Below is one design from a gallery. Click the image or  ?  to view a randomly selected design, or  <  or  >  to view the previous or next one.