Security News

Security News

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This has news about security fixes in PC software. Published each Saturday (ET), the news this week concerns:


Chrome Browser


Various ver­sions of 365 Apps for Enterprise, Azure AI Search, Azure Arc Cluster, Azure Compute Gallery, Azure CycleCloud, Azure Identity Library for .NET, Azure Kubernetes Service Confidential Containers, Azure Migrate, Azure Monitor Agent, Azure Private 5G Core, CBL Mariner, Defender for IoT, Edge, .NET, .NET Framework, ODBC Driver for SQL Server, OLE DB Driver, Outlook, Sharepoint Server, SQL Server, Visual Studio, Windows, and Windows Server


Vivaldi Browser

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Security News

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Note: this was updated in 2024 with more news about security fixes.

Special Note: this wasn’t published from early June to late September 2020, due to an infection which has left me para­lyzed from the waist down, confined to a bed and wheelchair.